Lobby & Finishes

The concierge style lobbies’ materials and finishes were hand selected to reflect a Class A quality office product housed in the floors above. From the textures in the Italian vein cut ivory travertine floor in the lobbies, and the design of four panel flat screen displays along the accent wall and touch screen kiosks in the elevator banks, to the handcrafted custom concierge desk and furniture.  These high-end finishes and complimentary wi-fi throughout the space create an inviting experience for tenants and their guests as they set foot in the building to start their day. All senses have been considered, from sight to sound, and even smell…


The redevelopment is curated and managed by TPMC Realty Corporation, architecture and design by Ziegler Cooper Architects and construction management by O’Donnell Snider Construction, projected to be completed by the end of 2016. This project commenced construction in January 2015, with the main focus of enhancing the daily experience of office workers at Park Towers.

Significant improvements with primary focus in the multi-tenant common area spaces include elevator bank corridors, elevator cabs/state-of-the-art Thyssen Krupp destination based dispatch elevator modernization, world-class restrooms, concierge style lobbies, enhanced parking garage entrances, new high-performance fitness facilities, and a new tech savvy conference center.


Park Towers is a LEED EB Gold, Energy Star rated Class A building. The building is environmentally responsible and exercises recycling programs as well as green friendly cleaning methods.  We invest in our health and well-being of our tenants and share metrics on energy usage advocating accountability on all levels of building maintenance and operations.

The redevelopment includes a sustainable lighting upgrade throughout tenant and common areas to incorporate LED light fixtures, destination dispatch elevator technology, and restrooms equipped with luxury hospitality-like finishes and sustainably focused automatic flushing, soap, water and hand towel dispensers to reduce waste.